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Rice Transplantation Services

As pioneer of mechanized rice transplantation services since 2016 , we holds the title of being the largest and most professional firms having mechanically transplanted over 25,000 acres of rice across various districts in Punjab, Sindh, and Balochistan provinces.

Our success is attributed to our highly professional team and our large fleet of the latest machinery. Our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction has cemented our position as the go-to choice for hundreds of farmers.

Because we care about our Customers.

Rice Nursery

With a professional team of dedicated staff we use best practices and state of the art technology/equipment/soil/seed to sow rice seedlings in trays which is to be transplanted through mechanical rice transplanters.

Starting right from preparation of soil, every step along the way is meticulously well managed to nurture the seedlings for optimal performance in the field.

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Mechanical Transplantation

Our highly professional management team, well experienced operators and dedicated support staff along with a large modern fleet of imported Japanese Rice Transplanters promises our customers the satisfaction of on-time and excellent quality transplantation services.

Being the pioneer in this industry we are much ahead of our competition and our strong team of experienced operators, technicians, and supervisors have capability and demonstrated experience of managing large scale transplantation in efficient and timely manner.