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Chairman Sons

The pioneer of Rice Transplantation Services in Pakistan

Dr Raheel Safdar

Dr. Raheel Safdar is a renowned figure in Pakistan for his pioneering work in the field of rice transplantation machinery. With a deep interest in improving rice farming practices, he traveled to China and Japan to study their advanced technologies. Dr. Raheel successfully adapted these techniques to suit the local conditions in Pakistan, revolutionizing the rice farming industry. His expertise in rice mechanization has made him a sought-after consultant and trainer for corporate clients. Dr. Raheel's consultancy and training have been instrumental in helping numerous businesses adopt efficient and sustainable rice farming methods, leading to increased productivity and profitability. His dedication and passion for the field continue to inspire others in the agricultural sector.

Ch Safdar Hussain Chattha

A dedicated farmer and the driving force behind the success of Chairman Sons.

Ch Nabeel Safdar Chattha

Ch Nabeel Safdar is a highly experienced professional who holds the position of Head of Field Operations at Chairman Sons. With his strong technical skills and extensive knowledge, he has successfully managed rice transplantation operations in various provinces of Sindh and Punjab. His expertise in effectively leading teams has been instrumental in the smooth execution of projects under his supervision. Nabeel Safdar's vast experience and exceptional managerial capabilities make him an invaluable asset to the organization.